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Dr. Sabina Singh, PHD - Curriculum Vitae



2014                PhD, Political Science (University of Victoria)

1999                MA, Political Studies (Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada)

1996                BA, Political Science (with distinction) (University of Victoria)


Aug. 2008- Dec. 2012 ~ University of Victoria, Sessional Instructor, Political Science

2012 (Spring, Summer) Politics of Africa (319), Politics of Development (317) 2011 (Summer) Politics of Africa (319) 2010 (Summer and Fall) Politics of Africa (319), Politics of Development (317) 2009 (Spring, and Fall) Politics of Africa (319), Politics of Development (317) 2008 (Fall) Introduction to Comparative Politics (210) 

Aug. 2003- Apr. 2011 ~  Vancouver Island University, Limited Term and Sessional Instructor, Political Science and Global Studies

2011 (Spring) Global Political and Economic Systems and Institutions (GLST 211), International Relations I: Peace and Security (200) 2004 (Spring, Summer and Fall) Introduction to Politics (100), Law and Politics (151), Canadian Government (221) Ideologies and Political Thought (245), 2003 (Summer and Fall) Ideologies and Political Thought (245), International Relations I: Peace and Security (200), Law and Politics (151) 

Aug. 2000- Aug. 2011 ~ Thompson Rivers University, Sessional Instructor, Political Science

2011 (Summer) International Politics (260), Law and Politics (225) 2008 (Summer) Introduction to Canadian Politics (111), Law and Politics (225) 2002 (Spring) Canadian Public Policy and Administration (112), Introduction to Canadian Politics (111), International Politics (260), Contemporary Ideology (121) 2001 (Summer) Introduction to Canadian Politics (111), Law and Politics (225) 2000 (Fall, Spring) Introduction to Canadian Politics (111) 

Aug. 2003 - Aug. 2004 ~ Camosun College, Sessional Instructor

2004 (Spring and Summer) Canadian Government (104), Canadian Politics (106) 2003 (Summer and Fall) Canadian Government (104), Canadian Politics (106)


University of Victoria 2011-2013

  • Introduction to Canadian Politics
  • Development and the State
  • Comparative Politics 

Simon Fraser University 2006-2008  

  • International Organization
  • Introduction to Political Philosophy
  • Public International Law 


2016   Research Assistant:  Dr. Marcia Hills and Dr. Simon Carroll, University of Victoria

2014   Research Assistant: Dr. Rita Dhamoon, University of Victoria

          Research Assistant: Dr. Marcia Hills, Dr. Gord Miller and Dr. Simon Carroll, University of Victoria BC

2013   Research Assistant:  Dr. Rita Dhamoon, University of Victoria

2007   Research Assistant: Dr. Genevieve Fuji Johnson, Simon Fraser University 


2010    Second Reader: Honours Thesis, with Dr. Claire Cutler and Dr. Michelle Bonner, University of Victoria


Key Words:
Global governance, international organisation, democratisation, African governance, third world governance, decolonisation, international relations, postcolonial theory, multiparty democracy, comparative politics, colonialism, modernity. 


“Beyond the Nation: Global Democratisation Programs in Uganda and the Politics of Dispensation" Third World Quarterly 2016

“Red Skin/White Masks: Rejecting the Colonial Politics of Recognition by Glen Coulthard: A book review” Canadian Journal of Political Science 2016



2019 "Sovereignty in the Third and Fourth World". British Columbia Political
2018 "Sovereignty in the Third and Fourth World". Congress of Humanities, Canadian Political Science Association, Regina

2015   “Beyond the nation: global democratisation policy and the politics of dispensation” British Columbia Political Science Association     

2013   University of Victoria, Graduate student conference: “Democracy and Dictatorship in Uganda: A Politics of Dispensation?”

2010   A: “Indigenous Capitalists? Foreign Imperialists? The Political Economy of Indian - Merchants in East Africa” African Studies Association

          B: “Good Governance and Multiparty Democracy in Uganda” Kwame Nkrumah International Conference

          C: “Indigenizing Democratisation: No party Democracy in Uganda” ~ British Columbia Political Science Association               

2008   A: “What’s in a name: reproducing division through language” CASID roundtable

          B: “Democratizing Uganda: A Case that Travels” Congress of the Humanities/ Canadian Political Science Association

          C: “Sartori Revisited: Multiparty Democracy in Uganda and Conceptual Stretching” British Columbia Political Science Association

2007   A “Deepening Democracy in Uganda” International Studies Association

          B: “Defining Democracy” Simon Fraser Lecture Series: Focus on Africa

2005   “Uganda: Dictatorship or Democracy?” Simon Fraser Lecture Series: Focus on Africa

2004   A: “Empire Vs. Offensive Realism” B.C. Political Science Association

          B: “Enmeshing the Web of Global Trade Governance” Centre for Global Political Economy, SFU 


 2013   Women of Colour in Political Science Mini-workshop, American Political Science Association (by invited application)

2012    Working with Child Soldiers, Magassa-Hille Workshop, Victoria, BC

2010    Freedom and Democracy in an Imperial Context: Dialogues with James Tully ~ A Workshop  (invited guest)

2009    Advanced Research Methods (Centre for Basic Research, Kampala, Uganda)

1998    Participatory Development Methods (CIDA, Ottawa) 


  •             British Columbia Political Science Association
  •             Canadian Political Science Association
  •             International Studies Association
  •             European Consortium for Public Research

  •             African Studies Association 


2018             Board Member Together                  

                     We Win


2017            MS Society of Victoria

2016            Secretary MS Warriors                      
                   Dragon Boal team

2014             Intercultural Association   
                     of Greater Victoria

2007             Fair Vote Canada

1997-1999       Project Director: Social                                                                            ....                       and Health   Opportunities      for             ..                     People in  the Sex Trade,               ..                       Trade, Kamloops BC

1998- 1999      Outreach: Women’s Emergency Bed and Breakfast, Kamloops BC

1997-1999       Board Member/Volunteer: Kamloops Women’s Resource Centre, Kamloops BC

1996                Ontario Public Interest Research Group, Kingston, ON

1993-1995       Victoria Youth Empowerment Society, Victoria, BC 


2011-2014       University of Victoria, Graduate Scholarship     

2003-2010       Simon Fraser University, Graduate Scholarship and Research Travel Grant

1996-1998       Queen’s University, Graduate Scholarship

1996                York University, Entrance Scholarship (declined)

1996                University of Toronto, Entrance Scholarship (declined)




Dr. R.B.J Walker ~ rwalker@uvic.ca 

University of Victoria, Professor in International Relations and Political Theory, Director of the Centre for Social and Political Thought. (Senior Supervisor). 

Department of Political Science
3800 Finnerty Road
Victoria BC, V8W 2Y2
Phone: 1-250-472-5458
Fax: 1-250-721-7485

Dr. James Tully ~ jtully@uvic.ca

University of Victoria, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Political Science, Law, Indigenous Governance and Philosophy

Department of Political Science
3800 Finnerty Road
Victoria BC, V8W 2Y2
Phone: 1-250-472-5458
Fax: 1-250-721-7485

Dr. Reeta Tremblay ~ reeta@uvic.ca

University of Victoria, Professor Political Science

Department of Political Science
3800 Finnerty Road
Victoria BC, V8W 2Y2
Phone: 1-250-472-5458
Fax: 1-250-721-7485

Sabina Singh


Dr. Sabina S. Singh

-has been engaged in political research and practice for the past two decades. In the mid-1990s, after completing a Master’s degree at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, she returned to her home town of Kamloops BC and began non-profit work. This aligned with the research and training she had done in participatory action research, for which she completed a certificate in Ottawa. She co-founded the SHOP program which supported street susceptible people and people in the sex-trade. She helped to create the Women’s Emergency Bed and Breakfast and was a board member of the Kamloops Women’s Resource Centre. 

Sabina’s work and qualifications attracted the attention of the college in Kamloops and she was asked to teach her first political science courses at the age of 27. Around 2003, Sabina was asked to apply for work in Nanaimo BC, and later that same year at Camosun College in Victoria. After five years of teaching she began her PhD program at Simon Fraser University, which offered part-time studies for working parents.  After completing her course work and comprehensive exams in international relations and comparative politics, Sabina was again asked to move, this time to the esteemed University of Victoria, to teach comparative politics, development politics and African politics. In 2008, while teaching at UVIC, Sabina completed fieldwork for her PhD in Uganda. She interviewed and did primary research mainly among established politicians and political representatives in Kampala. While there, Sabina also took a course in advanced research methodology at the well-regarded Centre for Basic Research.  

Sabina has had a strong teaching career and is now working to develop her publications from among her dissertation and many conference papers. She is developing a research program around a concept of democratisation that includes national, local, international and global levels of governance. 

Because of Sabina’s teaching experience in colleges and universities around BC, she has a strong proficiency in many areas of Canadian politics and contemporary Canadian events. She has written a column for the local Kamloops newspaper in the past and has been a member of Fair Vote Canada.