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Instructor background information

A brief history of teaching and my teaching approach

I have been an instructor of political science since the year 2000 when my son Joss was first born. I taught in Kamloops and soon was called to teach in Nanaimo. As a local activist, community colleges at that time wanted to connect with local people and I had a Master's from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario.

 After five years of teaching and what seemed like a strong demand I began my PhD studies at Simon Fraser University. I worked with James Busumtwi-Sam for several years until I was asked by the University of Victoria to come and teach as a sessional instructor for a few years.

I moved my two children and myself to Victoria BC and have stayed here to see them through graduation and because it is beautiful!

At UVIC I taught African Politics and the Politics of Development. I enjoyed that experience immensely and eventually transferred my PhD to UVIC and graduated there in 2014.

My teaching approach can be summed up as human. I really value the people with whom I get to share great ideas with. It is important to me to share what I know but it is always important to learn and listen. I believe all people at any age can be our teachers.