I have decided to run for the nomination for the Federal NDP! It's for the Children!

I am the candidate for the NDP with Saanich Gulf-Islands


Why I am running

My beautiful daughter is about to graduate from High School. As a mother I cannot stand to look at the world my children and their friends are inheriting,  The political world is hijacked and we need to fix it. We can do that and so I must try. As Gord Downie said. "Do Something!"

Why I chose the NDP

The New Democratic Party is the only major political party  that opposes pipelines and shipping dirty oil. It is centred on greening the world while protecting our people, workers and economy. We can do this. We need to shift our energy to fixing this planet. It's for the children!

Strengths I bring to the job

I have three main strengths that I would like to bring to this contest, these come from my experience as a mother, a voter, an academic, and through my experience of working with young people in exploring diversity and power in everyday life.

Knowledge of a Connected World

Issues such as climate change, the international swings towards extremism and populism, dog-whistle racist policies are not issues that we can tackle alone. We need to address these at home and as part of the international community.  I recognise our need to be connected to one another, to the natural world, and around the globe.

Commitment and Inclusion

I have seen injustice, a lack of equity, locally, nationally, and globally.  We need our NDP to be an effective, clear, distinct voice in shaping just and inclusive policy which takes account of the diversity of Canadian society. I am committed to the principles of a progressive, compassionate society in which all have a place.  My experience of working with youth and adults in education settings has been a process of encouraging people to be informed, thoughtful, loyal, dedicated and committed to changing the world for the better.

Art, Soul, and Community

As an artist I have been an advocate for Art which changes the world,  and which transforms lives and attitudes, I have been a member of the artistic community here in Victoria, as well as in Kamloops and Montreal, over many years.  I have worked with Indigenous leaders to begin the process of bringing workshops to address issues of structural injustice and racism, of power and diversity, and which seek to change attitudes and empower the disenfranchised.  I am a dedicated member of the MS Warriors Dragonboat Team, learning the value of teamwork, the importance of fundraising for causes one is committed to, and the need for supportive networks for any who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis or any chronic condition - indeed, the importance of a supportive community for any of us.

Join me!

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